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Immobilier Marketing Group (IMG) is a new genre real estate marketing organization based in the cultural and intellectual hub of the country. The Team Immobilier comprises of a clan of experts, senior marketing pros and select young achievers with determination, eagerness and aggressive marketing techniques. Team leaders of the group work with dedication and experience and impart innovative selling skills to the junior players effectively. The marketers of IMG, function actively in corporate offices and work sites with equal pace and ease. Team’s tenacity and intelligent work combined with customer friendly attitude brings satisfaction to developers and their respective buyer group- Searching for a cozy nook.


IMG took a strategic business stance after being incorporated in 2008. The Company is directly engaged in real estate marketing services, property leasing services and property management services in Kolkata. The Company recognizes that in order to differentiate itself from the market, it should avoid direct competition with large-scale property developers who have its own marketing departments. Its objective is to develop a niche position with marketing alliances with medium size and smaller developers, and become its exclusive outsourcing marketing and sales agents. Now, IMG operates as a single tier consultancy and marketing agency. Besides the core business, IMG will soon be ready to render property rental service, buildings management and maintenance service for office buildings. The Company also have developed a network of landowners and earned the trust of developers. Despite increasing competition and government rules and regulations, in coming years, IMG is also considering exploring opportunities in property investments with rigid honesty.